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PuppymillRescue Inc.

 No Kill Policy.


PuppymillRescue INC is a NO KILL RESCUE organization.

It is the belief of PuppymillRescue and it's Board Members that every dog has the right to be given an opportunity to experience life without pain or fear, and to receive appropriate medical treatment and love.

In the event a PuppymillRescue dog is deemed by a licensed Veterinarian to be beyond medical help and to be suffering with no quality of life possible, a majority vote of the Board Members of PuppymillRescue, Inc will be required for humane euthanization to take place.

This must only be done under the care of a licensed Veterinarian.

One exception will be a dog with unprovoked aggression. Any dog that has a history of unprovoked aggression will have a medical evaluation. If no medical reason can be identified and reasonable alternatives such as behavior modification and or medication therapy has been tried over a period of time and found to be unsuccessful the decision to euthanize the dog will be made by a majority vote of the Board Members of PuppymillRescue, Inc.

This must be done under the care of a licensed Veterinarian

We will not enter into a working relationship with individuals, rescues or other groups that do not share our philosophy as it undermines the core values of PuppymillRescue, Inc.

All PuppymillRescue, Inc Board Members, Foster Mothers and Volunteers who handle our rescued dogs must believe in, adhere and agree to this policy.